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Internet Statistic Report of Sao Tome
Sao Tome
Internet Statistic Report

Sao Tome
Population  206178 (as on 2014)
Net Space population  23000 (as on 2014-12-01)
  Nearly 11.16% of total population use internet
Site1 Visitors   0% (as on 2014-12-01)         []
Site2 Visitors   0% (as on 2014-12-01)         []
Site3 Visitors   0% (as on 2014-12-01)         []
GDP(Gross Domestic Product)  $1600
  We recommend you not to focus on this
  country for your English Content Websites
Comment  Very less GDP(1266) and very low population.
Continent   Africa
Official Language

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Population Growth Rate
% (as on )
Unemployment Rate  % (as on )
Population Below Poverty Line  % (as on )
Exchange Rates  
Telephone Lines   (as on )
Internet Hosts
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Authors Note: This analysis is purely based on Internet Usage Statistics gathered. It is mainly done to analyze the audiance we want to focus for few of our english content sites. It may be misleading in few cases. So, read the Internet Usage Stats and get to your own conclusions..

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