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Tuvalu Statistics
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Population  12177 (as on )
Net Space population  1300 (as on )
  Nearly 10.68% of total population use internet
Site1 Visitors   0% (as on )         [hscripts.com]
Site2 Visitors   0% (as on )         [easycalculation.com]
Site3 Visitors   0% (as on )         [withfriendship.com]
GDP(Gross Domestic Product)  $1600
  We recommend you not to focus on this
  country for your English Content Websites
Comment  It is the second least populated independent country. Very less GDP(1100).
Continent   Australia/Oceania
Official Language
Tuvaluan, English

Internet Growth & GDP Stats
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Additional Information

Population Growth Rate
1.51% (as on 2006)
Unemployment Rate  NA% (as on ----)
Population Below Poverty Line  NA% (as on ----)
Currency  Australian dollar
Exchange Rates  1.3095 (2005)
Telephone Lines  700 (as on 2002)
Internet Hosts
0 (as on ----)